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Event Oh Event

Here to share a few graphical design stuff that I have been working on lately. Things like banner, poster, crew tag, invitation card and flyer as well as one wedding card design which will be in the next post.

Check them out.

Credit to DevART for making the job a little easier :)

Banner & Backdop
 As being assigned to publicity unit for the event, i was then knew that i need to prepare all these banners, posters and shit.  So, here this the final cut on the banner.

The Poster

It wasn't wholly made by me. Thanks to the guys at DevART for the .psd

And these two are the tags for the event crew. I use the same design of the poster because i am one lazy motherfucker.

Pretty much like the same tag I have made for the SCP's exhibition.


This bookguide is also shared by a guy at devART, not my own design. Here is where all the information about the event, tentative will all be put at.

Invitation card
Lastly here is the invitation card. quite a new thing for us, students but luckily the 3-months i spent for the internship at MPB taught me on how to make one of my own :)

That's it. Time to sleep.